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garrus92 reviews Mass Effect 2: Collector's Edition

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garrus92 said...

Mass Effect 2 is more then just a sequel to the 2007 hit-game. It is that and so so so much more. The game is a true blend of action and role-playing. While it is true that The game does not have an Inventory screen. It still allows you to get items and stuff to raise youre stats. Also It is possibly the most cinematic game I have ever played. Everything from talking to Characters to defeating the evil forces in the galaxy. The camera views, music, and espically the voice acting is just simply amazing and makes you on more then one ocassion think youre watching a movie. Mass Effect 2 should be played by any gamer with a pulse. While it may leave some Die hard RPGists dissapointed. Its still is an enjoyable game that will eat many, many of youre weekends away. So what are you waiting for?! GO PLAY IT!!!!

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